Instead of "exhibit number one in the case," did you mean "exhibit number one is the case"?

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Caro's analysis of Johnson's sinister character portray a man capable and motivated to go along with the murder of the man who stood between himself and the Presidency, but Caro cannot go there mentally.

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It seems to me that your analysis is built upon a fundamentally false premise—that we are no longer builders. We don’t need new skyscrapers. We built far too many, and the many we built are having difficulty keeping and finding tenants. We don’t need new roads or bridges or parks. We need to fix or replace what we have and, despite a divided and divisive Congress, have for the first time the money to do it. It won’t take decades. (Nor does it take decades to build skyscrapers—I don’t know where you got that from—at least in South Florida it only takes a couple of years).

Our Moseses and Johnsons are named Musk and Bezos and Zuckerberg and Gates; all are ruthless and have done a great job manipulating Congress and the public. In a matter of months AI has become our salvation or doom as a result of tens of thousands of “builders” all across the country.

This was supposed to be the century of China. We are still the number 1 economy in the world and I doubt you can name any nation on the road to overtaking us. (Forget India, at least not until they can get a handle on poverty and illiteracy and their caste system). China’s economy is only going to get worse and by the the year 2100 China’s population will shrink close to ours and millions will be retiring to Arizona.

We have lots of problems. But a lack of builders? Nope. And since Andressen is funding a lot of them, he knows better. Like Zuckerberg saying he wants regulation before Congressional committees then has his minions fight in meetings with representatives, it’s still the game it was a hundred years ago.

In the name of full disclosure, I am a Scoop Jackson Democrat.

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